WATCH: Popular Online Chef, Khairul Aming Launches New Dendeng Nyet Berapi Product – Generating Excitement Among Fans



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WATCH: Popular Online Chef, Khairul Aming Launches New Dendeng Nyet Berapi Product – Generating Excitement Among Fans

By JustineG

"The one person who is worthy of the influencer title is him", said a netizen.

Khairul Aming, a popular local online chef, not only exemplifies true influencing but also demonstrates how one can achieve great success by staying focused and working diligently toward their goals with passion.

Starting with sharing cooking content and recipes online, Khairul gained immense popularity with the launch of his first product, Sambal Nyet. To this day, the sambal remains in high demand, often selling out within minutes on various platforms, attesting to Khairul's exceptional skill. Such success inevitably attracts imitators, a testament to his impact on the culinary scene.

Now, to further excite his fans, Khairul has launched his second product for the new year: Dendeng Nyet Berapi. 

Taking to Twitter, he shared that in 2023, sales of Sambal Nyet reached RM20 million, marking a 40% increase from 2022. He expressed his enthusiasm for introducing a new product under the khairulamingbrand, announcing the availability of 80,000 units for sale during the February 2nd launch. 

Khairul revealed that his team had dedicated a year to research and development for the second product, investing over RM2 million in machinery and factory renovations.

"We hope you will like it, and if there are any shortcomings, please inform us for further improvements," he said.

The announcement garnered numerous congratulatory comments from netizens, with some jokingly admitting they have yet to taste Sambal Nyet, let alone the eagerly anticipated second product.

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