3 Legit and Legal Ways You Can Make Extra Side Income this MCO



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3 Legit and Legal Ways You Can Make Extra Side Income this MCO


So we are stuck at home again. Although it is nice to stay in sometimes and it is definitely a good thing in fighting the pandemic, but it has causes an unwanted problem to many - finance struggle. Business owners are losing business, the same goes to those sales person, while other employees suffers from pay cuts and even lay off. So what we can do in this time to help ourselves to earn just that little bit extras to help us cope with the bills and expenses? 

Here are 3 amazing options (legit and legal) you should be considering if you want to make an extra side income this MCO :-

#1 - ITTIFY  : Time to put the followers you've gained from social media to use! 

If you are an active users on Instagram or TikTok, you possibly have seen others doing sponsored content. You may wonder that these people might have some "connection" to the clients or agents. The fact is, yes they do, and you can have that "connection" too - ITTIFY - a platform that allows social media influencers, big or small, to connect with brands and get paid for sponsored content! 

All you need to do, is just to get yourself at least 1000 followers either on Instagram or TikTok, and register yourself on ITTIFY app, and VOILA~ You are ready to get sponsored! No registration fees nor any hidden costs. You can filter out the offers that you are interested in, and complete the entire process, from applying to getting paid on the ITTIFY app. Easy as ABC. As what we know, you'll be paid in less than 15 days, and you caneasily  earn RM150 for just a post! Of course, this depends greatly on your followers number. 

Get yourself started or find out more at : 

Android download - Ittify

iOS download - Ittify



#2 - GoodyMY  : Turn words into cents.

You might not be J.K. Rowling, or editor in-chief of Vogue magazine, but that doesn't mean you can't write and earn from it. Our page - GoodyMY, the newly-born sister's page of Goody25, indeed is looking for writers or editors like yourself. You can just write at wherever you are, whenever you want, and post it out on our website. Each views your article gained, contributes an amount to your earning. Which means you can earn as high as RM100 or even more just by writing one hit article! Plus, there's no registration fees or sort as well. Just register on our Goodywriter platform (the writing platform behind GoodyMY & Goody25) and get your keyboard start burning!


#3 - Goody25  : Get more if you are an experienced Mandarin writer. 

The leading Chinese lifestyle magazine is looking for freelance experienced Mandarin writer as well! With it's distinctive style of writing and reader's preference, the website requires an editor that could produces quality article. So if you think that you are up for the challenge, why not apply on Goodywriter platform to try it out. Select "Experienced" editor status when applying so that the admin will process your application sooner. 


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