Shahrukh Khan & His 8-Pack Abs At 57 Returns To The Big Screen



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Shahrukh Khan & His 8-Pack Abs At 57 Returns To The Big Screen

By ellephant


Datuk Shahrukh Khan is back!

4 years since his last lead role, Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is finally on the big screens once again and we're completely shook at how he looks. 

Pack of 8 set abs, a rugged long hair look, you're telling us he's 57??  

Entitled "Pathaan" and released 2 days ago (25th January 2023), the movie has since received great reviews, especially with regards to the actor's character portrayal. 

An action-thriller coiled in espionage, intense story line and even greater songs, Pathaan's female lead also features global star Deepika Padukone.  

In the past, the duo has worked on many highly rated films together including "Om Shanti Om" (2009), "Chennai Express" (2013) and "Happy New Year" (2014). 

Besides that, the movie also has John Abraham as well as other famous names like Salman Khan and Dimple Kapadia.  

A must watch, catch it in a cinema near you today!

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