Netizens Disagree With McDonald's After They Have Addressed The RM10.60 Chilli Sauce Incident



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Netizens Disagree With McDonald's After They Have Addressed The RM10.60 Chilli Sauce Incident

By sleepingbeauty

McDonald's Malaysia has addressed a recent incident in which a customer was charged RM10.60 for 10 packets of chilli sauce through a statement on their social media. According to their investigation and a review of CCTV footage, they claim that the customer initially received an insufficient amount of chilli sauce. However, when the customer approached the counter to request more, the staff readily provided additional packets.

The situation escalated when the customer began speaking rudely and became verbally aggressive toward the staff, insisting on paying for an additional 10 packets of chilli sauce despite being informed that it was free. 

In response, McDonald's Malaysia reported the incident to the police to ensure the safety of their employees. They stressed that the well-being of their crew members is of paramount importance and clarified that chilli sauce is offered to customers free of charge.

However, some netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with McD's response, sharing their own experiences of encountering similar situations where staff were reluctant to provide extra sauce.

"Most of the time, staff members give you a hard time when you ask for extra sauce."

Additionally, some netizens sarcastically suggested solutions, such as placing notices at the entrance for customers to bring their own condiments and reducing food prices by 30% to create a win-win situation.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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