"It's So Provocative!" M'sian Designer Criticised For Sexualing Men With See-Through Baju Melayu Collection



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"It's So Provocative!" M'sian Designer Criticised For Sexualing Men With See-Through Baju Melayu Collection

By JustineG

When it comes to fashion, trends naturally evolve, but local designer Arma Rahman has recently stirred controversy by not only modernizing traditional attire but also introducing provocative elements into his collections. 

This scrutiny followed the unveiling of his latest Raya collection for the Arma Couture label, showcased during a recent fashion show, featuring over 30 innovative designs for both men and women. 


While many of the pieces showcased creative reinterpretations of traditional Malay garments like the Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung, attention was drawn to his men's Baju Melayu collection, crafted from a slightly translucent chiffon material that revealed the male models' physique. 

This design choice was met with criticism, with many condemning it as inappropriate for transforming a traditional garment into something perceived as obscene.

Addressing the backlash, he defended his designs, asserting that they were not intended to be indecent and emphasized that they do not disrespect Malay culture. He pointed out that the male models wore traditional sampin to complement the look, underscoring his commitment to cultural authenticity. 


The designer stressed the importance of innovation while maintaining respect for tradition, acknowledging the need for a delicate balance between the two. 

He clarified that any perceived transparency in the chiffon material was exacerbated by the harsh lighting at the fashion show and suggested that wearers could layer the Baju Melayu top with an undershirt for modesty. Additionally, he touted the material's suitability for Malaysia's climate.

What are your thoughts on his collection? Do you find it provocative, or do you appreciate his vision for modernizing traditional attire? Share your opinions with us!

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