M’sian Teen Goes Missing For Over 12 Hours With Zero Contact, Victim’s Family Questions AADK On Their SOP



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M’sian Teen Goes Missing For Over 12 Hours With Zero Contact, Victim’s Family Questions AADK On Their SOP

By peachyunnie

Happened just yesterday, 11 June 2024, a 22 year old Malaysian teen, Muhammad Daanish Ismail went missing for over 12 hours here in Kuala Lumpur.  

Last seen and heard by his colleagues and family, Daanish was on the way home from work. His last contact to his family was around 5:30 P.M. on the 11th, while on the way to the MRT Maluri Station.  

Muhammad Daanish was found at around 9:00 A.M., 12 June 2024, completely shaken up. 

Muhammad Daanish Ismail (left) / Photo shared by Syaida Ilmuna on X

Syaida Ilmuna, the victim's sister first took to Instagram and Twitter around 9:20 P.M. on the 11th, to share with the public on the disappearance of her brother. 

She shares a picture of her brother, seeking the public's help in finding him. 


In her tweets, Syaida mentions that the family has been trying to reach him all night, with multiple calls, texts, Whatsapp messages to no avail. 

While her tweets gained traction last night on X among netizens, many of them were tagging Ask Rapid KL to assist in this situation. 

Upon checking, Syaida mentioned to the public that she had initially reached out to the MRT stations for the CCTV footage, however, they informed her that she would need to make a police report in order to access this. 

Since it has not been 24 hours, Syaida will only be able to make a police report today, 12 June.


However, thankfully with the public's support, Syaida was able to get in contact with Ask Rapid KL on the situation. They reached out to her in order to assist with the CCTV footage. 

Syaida shared all the details with them including the victim's train route and time stamps. 

After countless of actions and worry on the family's end, Muhammad Daanish was found at around 9 A.M. today, 12 June 2024. 

In her first tweet today, she mentions that she will be deleting the tweets on her missing brother as he has now been found and she would not want to worry the public any longer. 

However, she then shares that she will be speaking on what actually happened to her brother, now seeking justice instead and how the public should be worried too. 

Syaida informs the public, that while her brother, the victim, was on the way home from work, he was approached by two individuals, believed to be Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan (AADK) officers. 

Her tweets say, that the officers stopped her brother and immediately told him to show them his identification card. 

Just minutes later, they arrested the brother and there was a struggle which resulted in a minor injury on the brother's wrist. Daanish was brought to the AADK lock up in Cheras. 

In there, no contact to the family was allowed and he was even placed in a jail cell among other criminals. 


Daanish was only allowed to leave on the 12th June morning once his urine test results were clear of any drug use. 

Completely distraught and stunned by this situation, the poor family is now asking for clarification on the situation from higher officials. 

As it is not only completely unjust, it is also very cruel to the family to put them in such situation. Syaida says "perbuatan ini bagi saya sangatlah kejam sebab memberi kerisauan keluarga. Sebaiknya beri kelonggaran untuk maklum kepada keluarga."

Syaida is currently asking the public for their attention on this matter and if they would know on how her report to the police should go about. 

With her brother clearly traumatised from this, Syaida says though the officials have every right to take any necessary action in ensuring public safety, it is certainly not okay to have not informed the family of his arrest last night immediately as it happened. 

Netizens are reacting to this incident in real time on X, many shocked and have even called it 'kidnapping' by the AADK Officers.


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