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#AppleEvent Quick And Complete Recap | All You Need To Know:

A   |   Sep 15, 2021, 03:05   |   798

The long-awaited #AppleEvent for this year is finally here!


If you missed the live streaming, we've compiled all of Apple's new releases this year in a quick, precise recap so you can skip all the long paragraphs. Let's see if the rumors and leaked information hit their marks or vice versa. 

•| iPad 9 


Key features:

• Price: $329

• A13 Bionic

• 12MP Ultrawide w/ CenterStage

Verdict: Looks like there are not many upgrades for the newest generation iPad, although if the predicted price happens to be correct then I wouldn't necessarily skip it.

• | iPad Mini 6


Key Features:

• Price: $499 

• TouchID power button

• 8.3” LCD (bigger than previous model)

• New 12MP rear camera

• Ultrawide selfie w/ Centerstage

• Magnetic Apple Pencil 2 support

• Supports USB-C and 5G

• Comes in 5 colors (see above photo)

Verdict: Major upgrades for the iPad minis! If you have extra $$$, I'd strongly suggest choosing this over the new iPad 9, for obvious reasons. 

• | Apple Watch Series 7 


Key Features:

• Price: $339

• 33% faster charging

• Dust resistant

• 40% thinner bezels

• Comes in 5 new colors

• Only slight changes in design

Verdict: Nothing to shout about, unless you're easily attracted by the promise of fast charging and pretty colours. 

• | iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Mini


Key Features:

• Price: $699 (iP13 mini); $799 (iP13)

• A15 Bionic

• 800 nits XDR display

• 20% smaller notch

• New camera placement

• Cinematic video mode

Verdict: You're potentially looking at the most popular smartphone of 2021/2022, if past trends were to repeat themselves— which never fails to be consistent, so far. 

• | iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max


Key Features:

• Price: $999 (iP13 Pro); $1099 (iP13 Pro Max)

• 20% smaller notch

• 1200 nits XDR display

• 120Hz ProMotion display

• 6.1” (IP 13 Pro); 6.7” (iP13 Pro Max)

• New triple cameras + macros from the ultrawide

• 4K 30fps ProRes video

• Comes in 4 new stainless steel colors

Verdict: Many predicted that the iPhone 13 Pro lineup would be much more expensive than the previous model, but that seems to be incorrect. As for the features, Apple is known for making their newest iPhones just slightly better than the previous, so make of that what you will. 


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