VINCCI x Disney On Discount! Prices As Low As RM19!



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VINCCI x Disney On Discount! Prices As Low As RM19!

By xweienx

You have your luxury fashion brands and your affordable brands, and then there is PADINI. Home to its PDI brands and other brands such as VINCCI and SEED, PADIDI is a must visit to get great quality fashion products at really budget-friendly prices!  

Now, we don't even have to get to a retail store to enjoy the discounts, because PADINI's online store is also having a sales! Today, we'll look at some Disney collab accessories that are at an even greater deal than they were before!

1. Disney Canvas Bag

Original Price: RM29 | Discounted Price: RM19

This casual tote bag comes in plenty of designs and are suitable for anything from a day out shopping or going to work!  

If these don't stand out enough, how about a Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) or Hamm (Toy Story) design?  

2. Disney Round Wallet / Coin Purse

Original Price: RM49 | Discounted Price: RM29

This compact and cute accessory is perfect for Disney fans. It comes in the design of Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story), James Sullivan (Monsters Inc.), Sadness (Inside Out), Hamm (Toy Story), Alien (Toy Story), and Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story).  

If that's not your cup of tea, they also have Tsum Tsum compact wallets for an extra RM10 that comes in Minnie, Donald, and Chip & Dale!  

3. Disney Bifold Wallets / Long Zip Wallets

Original Price: RM69 | Discounted Price: RM39

Too much cash and cards that just don't fit in compact wallets? No worries, here are two types of longer wallets that each come in multiple designs!  

4. Disney Mini Clutch

Original Price: RM89 | Discounted Price: RM59

Last, but not least, a tiny clutch purse perfect for any occasion! Its simple yet elegant design allows the nerdiest Disney fan to look classy!  

If you wanna get your hands on an official Disney accessory and check out the hundreds of other items on discount, head over to the PADINI website now!

*Credits to LORAC for the original article.

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