Forgot To Check-Out On MySejahtera | Woman Missed Flight



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Forgot To Check-Out On MySejahtera | Woman Missed Flight

By m7py

While checking-out of your MySejahtera app doesn't seem like a big deal, for a woman, it costed a flight and a family vacation!

TikTok user @eyra,zara shared a valuable lesson when her mother was not allowed to board the plane. Apparently, the elderly woman forgot to check out on her MySejahtera app since two weeks ago.

Takpe nanti belanja mama abah sekali lagi ##fyp ##fypシ ##fypage

original sound - bigboss

At the airport, the app displayed a red status. As the boarding gate was closed, none of them could help the poor woman.

Moral of the story: Check out the MySejahtera app at least a week before going on your holiday! 

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