Customer Shocked To Find A Measly Slice Of Butter On Toast In Famous Kopitiam



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Customer Shocked To Find A Measly Slice Of Butter On Toast In Famous Kopitiam

By GraceSundram

Visiting a local kopitiam for a cup of coffee or tea and some local delicacies is a daily routine for many Malaysians. But for one customer, a recent visit to an OldTown White Coffee outlet turned into a nightmare.

He ordered the classic kaya and butter toast but was shocked to find that it only came with a tiny slice of butter sandwiched between the bread. 

This was a far cry from what he was expecting, especially considering the high price he paid for the meal at the proper establishment instead of a typical hawker-style kopitiam.

Ernie Chan, the disappointed customer, took to social media to share his experience with others. He posted photos of his plate of toast, showing the measly slice of butter and expressing his disappointment. 

Ernie even compared his experience with another up-and-coming kopitiam concept that provided real value for money.

His post went viral, and many netizens shared similar experiences of being disappointed with OldTown White Coffee's food and service.

One person even mistook the butter slice for a French fry, highlighting just how small it was.

This incident should serve as a wake-up call to OldTown White Coffee to step up their game if they want to remain competitive in the market and regain the trust of their customers. Malaysians are passionate about their food, and they won't hesitate to call out restaurants that don't live up to their expectations. 

With social media being such a powerful tool for customers to share their experiences, it's crucial for restaurants to maintain high standards of quality and service to avoid being publicly shamed.

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