Drinking Ginger + Tumeric Gives Crystal Clear Skin? Your New Health Hack Here!



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Drinking Ginger + Tumeric Gives Crystal Clear Skin? Your New Health Hack Here!

By ellephant

Based on what’s been trending on TikTok, it would appear that the latest skincare hack, is cleansing inside out.

We’re saying a Ginger + Tumeric drink!


We understand how it sounds, but forreals, the benefits do seem to outweigh the disgust.

Here are 6 big benefits from drinking a little everyday.


1. It helps with indigestion, so bye bye bad poop days

2. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, so almost heart-attack safe!

3. It reduces inflammation, so it’s pimples today, glass skin tomorrow


4. It decreases nausea, so dizzy and vomiting spells is of yesterday

5. It promotes joint health, so don’t worry about old age!

6. It gives you better immunity, so it’ll be health > everything else all day errday


Amazing innit?

There are so many other benefits, but here are some important things to take note of, if you decide to start on this path.

• It can increase chances at kidney stones

• It can cause gas/gastric and bloating

• It could decrease blood clotting

• It can cause rashes, headaches, diarrhea


Overall, it is healthier than not, but those on medications or unsure, consult a health professional before starting the routine.

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