WATCH: Cheating Ex-BF Slaps Woman After He Failed To Win Her Back & She Also Refuses To Delete Viral Cheating Video Of Him



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WATCH: Cheating Ex-BF Slaps Woman After He Failed To Win Her Back & She Also Refuses To Delete Viral Cheating Video Of Him

By JustineG

In a romantic relationship, physical aggression from a man towards his partner is undeniably a significant red flag. This behaviour, coupled with infidelity, serves as an early indication that he may not be the right match. This concerning dynamic was laid bare in a viral social media video, where a man exhibited both troubling behaviours.

The video's owner shared her story of growing weary of her ex-boyfriend's persistent attempts to engage in conversation. Accompanied by her friend waiting in the car, they decided to record their interaction. The recorded conversation revealed the man's insistence on reconciliation, citing his infidelity as the reason for their breakup.

It's worth noting that the woman had previously uploaded another video, exposing her ex-boyfriend's infidelity, where he had lied about being at work. Now, returning to the original video, during their conversation, the man abruptly resorted to physical violence, slapping her after demanding the removal of the recent viral video documenting his unfaithfulness. Nevertheless, she didn't back down and retaliated by hitting him in return.

"I don't know when you became so despicable, but thank God we didn't get married."

After the incident, she returned to her car and reassured her friend that she was physically fine. However, underneath her composure, she grappled with a deep sense of sadness.

"At that moment, I may have appeared composed, but only God knows how my heart shattered as he walked away. Despite my unwell state, I was willing to meet, and it ended with a physical assault. Thank you for furthering my disdain for you."

Her heartbreak ran too deep for her to shed tears. Many netizens who viewed the video were outraged by the man's behaviour, while others commended the woman for her resilience in defending herself. Some took solace in the fact that she didn't grant the man any satisfaction.

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