Woman Frustrated After Waiting For 30 Minutes For Meeting With Government Official



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Woman Frustrated After Waiting For 30 Minutes For Meeting With Government Official

By MJC97

A woman recently expressed her frustration after being kept waiting for a government meeting to start, resulting in wasted time.

According to a post shared on X.com by @drfitriyusof, the woman had a scheduled meeting with a government office representative that was supposed to start at 9 AM. However, the meeting room door did not open until 9:06 AM, and the meeting was further delayed because the boss had not yet arrived.

"Mentally exhausted in the early morning. The meeting was at 9 AM, and we arrived at 8:47 AM. At 9:06 AM, the meeting room was opened, and at 9:07 AM, an officer informed us to have breakfast first because they had prepared it and the boss hadn't arrived yet. What time is the meeting supposed to start?" she remarked.

The post went viral on X.com, with many netizens expressing their displeasure over the wasted time. They highlighted that the culture of having breakfast during office hours (after 8 AM) is a 'cancer' that needs urgent addressing, as it disrupts productivity and wastes other people's time.

Due to the actions of a few government employees, the entire government body is often labeled as 'slow' and 'not punctual.'

According to the woman, the meeting only started at 9:36 AM, causing her to be late for her next meeting. A similar incident reportedly occurred at a land office earlier this week. 

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