90% Of COVID-19 Particles Able To Penetrate Through Fabric Face Masks, Experts Warn



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90% Of COVID-19 Particles Able To Penetrate Through Fabric Face Masks, Experts Warn


A recent study has discovered that fabric face masks can do little to no help in preventing the transmission of Covid-19 or other airborne diseases, as reported by the Daily Mail. 


According to the researchers from Bristol University in Britain, they found that 90% of COVID-19 particles are able to penetrate fabric face masks, making them less effective during pandemics. 


Fabric face masks have progressively become more popular during the pandemic for their reusable quality, however, experts now warn that this particular type of face mask is less effective against viral transmission and may even contribute to its spread. 



The researchers noted that fabric face masks are not generally produced from a material capable of filtering particles compared to the standard medical face masks or N95. Instead, It is made of tightly-woven fabric and although it is not visible to the eye, even a minuscule gap in the fabric is enough to allow most of the particles to penetrate through.

In short, just double-mask folks. 

Source: Cloth Masks Inferior for Protection Against Airborne Viral Spread

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