Intuitive Eating | How Loving Your Food Can Be The BEST Key To Your Diet



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Intuitive Eating | How Loving Your Food Can Be The BEST Key To Your Diet

By m7py

Who said going on a diet means hating every food in the world and starving yourself? Intuitive eating is the total opposite of all that!

This powerful diet comes with no guidelines on what or when to eat.  In fact, everything is totally your call. You're the boss of your body and its hunger signals.  

To get you started, here are the 10 ultimate principles when it comes to intuitive eating: 

1- No diet mentality
If you're always thinking of the strict diet you need to follow, you'll choose food based on this mentality. Instead, you should listen to your body! Fulfil your hunger, cravings, and what your body wants. 
2- Yes, you are hungry! 
Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you are full. Don't starve yourself, because you'll trigger the urge to overeat.

3- Food is your friend
Remember how people say, you only want the things that you cannot have. So, stop considering any food to be off-limits, or you'll have the desire to overeat. 

4- Challenge the 'food police'

'Food police' moralizes food, by thinking healthy foods are good and unhealthy foods are bad. But, don't buy into any of that.

5- Feel your fullness
You should check in with yourselves during and after eating. Pay attention to how the food tastes, how you feel, and your current hunger level. You might recognize that you are already satisfied and prevent overeating. 

6- Find your satisfaction factor
Enjoy eating! When you sit down to eat the food you enjoy in a cosy atmosphere, you'll feel more satisfied after a meal.

7- Deal with your feelings without food
Quit emotional eating. Don't resort to binge eating to cope with how you feel. Try other strategies such as taking a walk, calling a friend, or yoga.

8- Respect your body
Don't heed to other's expectations for how your body should look like. Appreciate and respect your body as it is. 

9- Learn to love exercising
Focus on how exercise makes you feel, instead of the calories you've burnt. Use this feeling as motivation to stay active. 

10- Honour your health
Choose foods that honour your nutrition goals and cravings. Make sure you eat healthy food consistently over time.

So, break away from rigid diet cycles and reconnect with your body via intuitive! 

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