Flight Attendant Reveals What They Do If A Passenger Dies On A Plane



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Flight Attendant Reveals What They Do If A Passenger Dies On A Plane

6 Days ago
By Pineapplesz

TikTok user, Sheena who is also a flight attendant posted a now-deleted video telling her followers what happens when someone dies on a plane. The answer is, they will keep the body where it is at. Whut??

If there is no room elsewhere on the plane the deceased passenger may not be moved until the flight lands. Sheena further explained that if the passenger has a heart attack and dies, there is nothing the flight attendants can do about it. 

They can't start CPR so they are just going to wait until we get to their final destination.

She also added that if there is enough room on the plane, such as a whole back row being free, then the body could be moved there and covered with a blanket.

Passengers would then be let off the plane before medical professionals board to remove the body, and the plane taken out of service.


What would you do if this happened? 

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