Scream Boundary, Don't Suggest It | 7 Comparisons To Check Out



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Scream Boundary, Don't Suggest It | 7 Comparisons To Check Out

By ellephant

We all need boundaries, but a lot of time, many individuals do not get it. 

Besides complete ignorance, the way we say things can also make or break. 

Here are 7 examples of stating boundaries, versus just suggesting them. 

Check our list out.  

1. Work on the weekends/public holidays/annual leaves

Suggested boundary: You can't email me on the weekends

Proper boundary: Should you email me on the weekend, I'll get back to you on Monday

2. Relationships/friendships

Suggested boundary: You can't talk to me like that

Proper boundary: If you speak to me that way, I will hang up  

3. Work

Suggested boundary: You need to respect my time

Proper boundary: The meeting will end on time as promised

4. Relationships/friendships

Suggested boundary: You need to be more considerate and thoughtful

Proper boundary: I would like you to do these things for me, and if you don't, that's okay, but I won't be investing anymore time in this relationship  

5. Time

Suggested boundary: Please be on time

Proper boundary: If you're late, we're leaving

6. Work

Suggested boundary: Please give me less work

Proper boundary: I will not be working more than what I'm paid  

7. Work

Suggested boundary: You have to do a better job

Proper boundary: If you don't make these specific changes by the end of the year, you would be getting a negative review

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