WATCH: Kind TikToker Helps Out Young Couple Who Works Late-Night At Food Truck



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WATCH: Kind TikToker Helps Out Young Couple Who Works Late-Night At Food Truck

By sleepingbeauty

Striving to earn a living and maintain our lifestyle is a universal struggle. This challenge resonates with everyone. For a young couple in their early twenties, life's pressures are mounting as they work tirelessly to sustain their food truck business. Many empathize deeply with their daily toils.

Enter Bosmel, a compassionate TikToker who stumbled upon their story. He captured a heartwarming video on TikTok, depicting a young pregnant wife's unwavering dedication as she assists her husband in selling roti canai late into the night. Bosmel placed an order, initiating a conversation with the woman, revealing their exhausting daily routine they work until 11:30 pm to make ends meet, leaving her with little time to rest.


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Touched by their dedication, Bosmel, with a generous heart, decided to pay for the meals of their other customers without expecting any change in return. He simply asked the woman to inform them that their meal had been taken care of by him.

As they conversed further, the husband shared their struggle to find suitable employment, leading his pregnant wife to lend a hand when they started their business a year ago. He also mentioned the challenges of finding a replacement so his wife could rest at home.

Discovering their young age, Bosmel was astonished that this 21-year-old man and 20-year-old woman had not given up, persevering through life's hardships to make a living. The husband recounted his journey, starting work at the tender age of 13 due to their family's financial struggles.

He remarked, "To attend school was difficult; that's why I dropped out and started working shifts until exhaustion became a part of my daily life."

In the comments, Malaysians expressed sympathy for their plight, acknowledging the stark contrast between their relentless work ethic and the more privileged lives some lead. Some identified the couple's food truck location in Alor Setar, Kedah, and admired their maturity at such a young age, extending wishes for abundant blessings for their family's future.

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