Indomie Ice Cream Flavour - Dare to try?!



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Indomie Ice Cream Flavour - Dare to try?!


Looking back at recent years, the sweet-desert industry has taken a super weird turn, from sweet to salty. Started off with cheesecake, I think, then we have salted egg, kaya toast, Tau Sar Piah, and nasi lemak. 

It seems like everyone is trying to get "saltier" each time. To me, nasi lemak is already max and apparently I was wrong, cause now there's Indomie Goreng flavored ice-cream. 
I mean, what is up with this savoury ice cream trend though? LOL

Introducing - Indomie Goreng Ice Cream
This handcraft ice cream maker from Indonesia - Holi Ice Cream has came up with this new ice cream flavour. 
The co-owners Evelyn Djoenaedi and Stephen Ganda told during an interview of how they came up with the idea. 

"Usually when tired after work, we enjoy cooking Indomie noodles. We're also the kind of people who need dessert after a meal, hence we always eat our own [homemade] ice cream. Given this, we then thought about how fun it would be to create an Indomie Goreng ice cream flavor," said Evelyn. 
After a long process of configuring and experimenting, they successfully made that ice cream and it has received plenty of positive feedback. 

One Instagrammer, named Felicia, describe that the ice cream is "not too sweet" and that the entire thing still feel very much like ice cream, just with a hint of Indomie Goreng. 
So, the question, would you liked to try if you have the chance to?

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Information Source : TheJakartaPost

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