This 20yo M'sian Is Earning RM1,500 Per Day As A Beachboy



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This 20yo M'sian Is Earning RM1,500 Per Day As A Beachboy

2 Weeks ago

A 21-year-old Malaysian recently shared that he is earning up to RM1500 per day working as a beach boy in Langkawi. 
Arash Nashran Abdul Maser quit his mechanic job in Selangor after 3 short months of working there. He couldn't stop thinking about the beaches and sea that he grew up with in Langkawi. He decided to return to his hometown and became a beach boy.    
He has been working as a beach boy for 2 years now, and the highest pay he has ever gotten is RM1500 for a day. He says that the job itself is rewarding to him, as they are getting paid daily. Although his pay depends on the volume of customers, once in a while, he gets tips from customers too. 
According to him, his job scope as a beach boy includes managing jet ski rental, parasailing activities, driving tour bus/car, and also some other responsibilities.  
Being the eldest among his five siblings, Arash said that he used to get a lot of discrimination from society towards his job as a beach boy. Many thought that being a beach boy is "bad" or could make you "bad" as they are often with foreigners. 
However, Arash feels that these views are not a problem to him as he is financially capable of supporting himself and his family.  
When asked about the future, Arash said that he wished to start his own business someday. Also, he wants to develop the tourism sector around where he lives.  


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