Unisex | 4 Sloppy-Free Tricks To Roll Up Your Sleeves



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Unisex | 4 Sloppy-Free Tricks To Roll Up Your Sleeves

By m7py

Work or fashion- you'll need to learn these 4 tricks & roll up your sleeves in style. No more sloppy 'I-just-woke-up' look!

The Master Roll

This trick gives you the edgy, neat look. Even better, if the inside of the cuff & your shirt got a striking contrast. 

Source: IMDb

Do it like this:

1- Roll up your unbuttoned sleeve about two cuff widths. 

2- Fix any creases/folds.

3- Roll the sleeve once more to cover the cuff. Only its top edge shows. 

4- Hold & pull down the top edge to undo the fold. 

Watch the tutorial here

The AIFA Roll

Two awesome things about this hack: it's super easy & it makes up for short, narrow arms. The rule here is to expose 1/3 of your arm only. It's suitable for casual shirts. 


Source: USA Network

Just do this:

1- Fold the bottom of your sleeve about a cuff width.

2- Repeat once & you're done!

Just don't smooth out the fabric. Remember: CASUAL!

The Garter Roll

These days, even sleeves are sewn to look like it's folded using this trick. It's retro & unique. If you're rolling it manually, you'll need a sleeve garter. 


Source: MailOnline

Here's your guide:

1- Wrap the garter around the upper part of your sleeve.

2- Pull up the shirt by a few inches to hide the accessory. 

Replace the garter with pretty shirt arm clips that you can show off. 

The High Roller

Do you need your sleeves totally out the way? This trick works best for semi-casual or informal shirts. Tip: Fold the sleeves before you slip on your shirt!

Source: Instagram

Follow these steps:

1- On a flat surface, fold your sleeve about a cuff width.

2- Repeat three more times, covering the whole cuff as you go. 

Your sleeves should rest above your elbows. 

I wear my heart on my sleeve. -Princess Diana

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