The People Demand A Change Of Government, #KitaMintaLima Movement As A Plead To The King | Here‘s What We Know So Far:



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The People Demand A Change Of Government, #KitaMintaLima Movement As A Plead To The King | Here‘s What We Know So Far:


Over the weekend, a certain hashtag crashed through the internet which immediately caught the attention of many. In under 24 hours, #KitaMintaLima (We Ask For Five) was already a trending topic on Twitter. As for the source, no one knows yet who the mastermind is behind the mysterious movement.

(source: Time Magazine)

Nonetheless, it definitely succeeded in its pursuit of uniting Malaysians to fight for a sole cause: a change of government.

In the poster, so boldly stated are these five demands directed towards YDP Agong:

1. An affective and targeted Movement Of Control Order.

2. Frontliners to be given full support and resources in combatting Covid-19.

3. Stimulus checks and bank moratoriums for the people throughout MCO. 

4. Fair and equitable SOP MKN.

5. Electronic devices and sufficient internet data for all students to be provided immediately.

With one single sentence, the demands end with a rather eerie, goosebumps-inducing sentence: "or change the government."

Judging by the responses on Twitter, it is rather clear that Malaysians are firmly united in this cause. In a time where uncertainty looms over the country, where misleading SOPs and questionable MCO stand tall as the main culprits of our current downfall; it'd certainly be quite the historical moment for us Malaysians to witness the progress of this movement— whether it will rise, or retreat in defeat. 

That, we shall see in time. 

What are your hopes for our country? 

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