Online Shopping Hacks | Things You Should Avoid Buying on Shopee, Even If They’re Really Cheap



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Online Shopping Hacks | Things You Should Avoid Buying on Shopee, Even If They’re Really Cheap


We know you're beyond excited to spend your paychecks on the Shopee sales, but hold your horses— there are some things you need to keep in mind. How many times have you been thrilled about a purchase only for it to arrive looking like a disappointment? That's exactly what we want to avoid.  

Sometimes, the lowest prices don't necessarily mean the best. In some cases, it's a trap alluring you to spend money on items that no sane person would even consider (ever heard the term "pictures can be deceiving"?). Therefore, train yourself to be an efficient online shopper and watch out for these clues: 

# Products That Have Zero Reviews And Ratings

There's nothing wrong about it per se— however, to avoid the potential disappointment of getting a different item than what you originally ordered or it not arriving at all, it's best to play safe in this case. 

2. Shops That Have Suspiciously Low Ratings

3. Fake Or Counterfeit Products

This goes without saying— please refrain from buying fake makeup, skincare, and electrical appliances that are not proven safe to use. Yes, they might come cheap but you wouldn't want to permanently ruin your skin over an RM1 sheet mask, would you ?  

That's all we got! What are your no-no items from Shopee? Do share with us so others can learn too!

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