6 Over-The-Text Signs He Is Actually Interested In You



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6 Over-The-Text Signs He Is Actually Interested In You

By ellephant

Men can be expressive, but there are loads of times when they hardly give us the signs we're looking for. In short, complicated beings for no reason whatsoever. 

Is he interested in me the way I'm interested in him?

Here are 6 signs (when the two of you text), which shows that he does in fact, like you. 

Check them out. 


#1 He randoms starts a conversation

Whether it's about something you like, or getting to know you, he starts talking to you, just so that the two of you are always engaging. 

#2 He wishes you weren't just texting

He instinctively drops hints about spending time with you and all the things he would do with you if you guys were with each other physically. 

#3 He gives random compliments

Whether it's about your dressing, your voice, your face, or anything really, he often talks about them with you. 


#4 He doesn't make you wait

If he responds to your texts immediately and doesn't make you wait 2-4 business days, you can be sure he is interested. 

#5 He'll make you laugh

He is goofy and he tells you jokes, just so that he can see you laugh. 

#6 He checks in 

Even if he is out with friends, or is busy, he doesn't hesitate to check in, to say he is thinking about you, without actually saying he is thinking about you. 


Men can be clueless, a lot. But when they are interested, and if they want to, they most definitely would. Check and see if he is worth your time!

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