WATCH: Myvi Driver's Attempt To Race AirAsia Plane During Takeoff Left Us In Stitches



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WATCH: Myvi Driver's Attempt To Race AirAsia Plane During Takeoff Left Us In Stitches

By JustineG

In the world of Malaysian cars, none captures attention quite like the Myvi. From airborne stunts to daring feats, this car has seen it all. Now, it's taking on its most ambitious rival yet an airplane.

A pair of adventurous friends decided to pit their Myvi against an AirAsia plane about to take off. The video of this audacious race quickly went viral. Initially, the Myvi kept up, but as the plane's engines roared and it surged forward, the Myvi's valiant effort couldn't match the airborne titan's power.

In the midst of the exhilarating race, the passenger recording the event teased the driver to go faster. The driver, giving it his all, exclaimed, "The pedal is already pressed all the way!" Yet, despite the valiant attempt, the airplane emerged victorious, leaving the Myvi in its wake.

The race entertained many, with comments pouring in. One observer playfully noted, "Second place isn't too shabby!"

But amidst the amusement, a reminder: while such spectacles dazzle us, safety on the road remains paramount. The Myvi's bold endeavour is a reminder of the thrill of the open road, but let's not forget the responsibility that comes with it.

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