WATCH: Local Man Disheartened To See Rescued Stray Cat Abandoned Again For The Second Time



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WATCH: Local Man Disheartened To See Rescued Stray Cat Abandoned Again For The Second Time

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

Why would people abandon their pets?!

A young man, doubling as a wildlife rescuer, has voiced his frustration at irresponsible pet owners for neglecting their cats. In a TikTok video, he highlighted complaints about stray cats in an area slated for a food festival. 

Shockingly, he discovered that many of these cats had been callously abandoned at a garbage disposal site. Witnessing one of them being abandoned for a second time broke his heart, prompting him to take action. 

@ffjkento Mintak korang Viralkan . Sedih bila Kucing jalan Dikutip. Dibuang kali kedua.. jangan lupa follow acc baru SHELTER PERTUBUHAN PRIHATIN HAIWAN KELANTAN @anypawrefugio Instrumen Sedih - Yuda pratama

With the help of the Kelantan Animal Care Organization, he spearheaded the rescue efforts to relocate these stray cats in Kelantan. Additionally, he collaborated with the Pasir Mas district council to establish a shelter for the cats in the area. 

"Instead of being left at the garbage disposal site, where will they find food? It's devastating to think about the plight of these innocent stray cats," he lamented. 

Expressing outrage, he condemned pet owners who only show affection to their cats when they are cute, but abandon them when they fall ill or become less attractive. 

"It's hypocritical. They prioritize their desires, neglecting the responsibility they have towards these animals," he criticized. 

He advocated for city councils to implement stricter regulations and penalties against pet abandonment. Thankfully, the rescued cats are now in a safe and caring environment.

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