#KiamSiapLifestyle: Minimize Your Expenses Without Looking Cheap



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#KiamSiapLifestyle: Minimize Your Expenses Without Looking Cheap

By MJC97

Living and surviving in 2021 isn’t easy. Finances are tighter than ever which is a good reason to start evaluating your lifestyle and thinking about maybe toning down on the spending a little. 

While scrolling through reddit looking for some entertainment, I came across a redditor (u/avishai1234) who shared some tips on how to live frugally without looking cheap and I found it so useful. It made me look at my lifestyle and realizing how I can start making changes to save more money instead of spending more money. 

One big takeaway that I got from this post is about thinking about your financial decisions in the long-term perspective instead of short-term. Here are some of the tips from the post that I think is most useful and will help you out a lot when trabsforming into the #KiamSiapLifestyle: 

1. Say no to monthly subcriptions

When it comes to monthly subscriptions like online streaming platforms and water dispensers, the concept that you should follow is don’t subscribe. 

Instead of subscribing to Netflix on your own, get a few friends involved and split to cost among one another – it is a much more cost-effective strategy, says the redittor. 


As for water dispensers, what is up with you la? We Asians were thought from small to boil water and drink. Just pay water bill enough, no need to pay monthly all. 

If you really hate boiling water, then get a water purifier instead. You will have to pay RM 100+ one time only, not monthly. If you want cold water the put it in the fridge. No need some fancy cold water dispenser all. 

2. Buy used items

You will definitely not look cheap with this strategy because sustainability is trending. More and more people are starting to realise what consumerism as done to the environment.

So, skip the trip to IKEA, just shop on mudah if you are looking for furniture or other household items. Want to buy new clothes? Well how about getting some from the array of pre-loved clothing store on Instagram? Here is an aritcle on thrift stores to follow on Instagram. 

3. Timing is the key to purchasing smartly

All you have to do to save a little more is to know when the right time is to purchase – sale time. The redditor mentioned how they always buy milk in bulk from Tesco when it is on sale at around RM 4.50+ instead of buying it at the regular price which is more than RM 5.


4. Buy high quality products

When buying electronics or appliances, think of it as a long-term relationship. When choosing a lifelong partner, you will want someone really good right? Well, the same goes with these appliances. 

Read all reviews and specifications until you can find a product that is high-quality and will be able to last forever or at least for a long time, this way you won’t have to keep buying the same product very two years. 

5. Choose low-cost experiences

The redittor suggested doing cheaper hobbies, budget travelling, and flying economy instead of business.

I think one great hobby you can pick up is cooking. Having meals at home everyday instead of buying food daily will save you a ton of money. 

As for budget travelling, I completely agree with that suggestion. There’s no need to spend thousands on a fancy hotel if you’re going to be out, exploring the city the whole day. Also, budget travelling will really help you explore and get to know the place you’re visiting. 


6. Use loyalty programs

Honestly, this is one way of saving a ton of money that I just can’t emphasize enough. Loyalty programs like Tesco clubcard, petronas mesra point card, cash back credit card with points collection or just anything with point redemption, make use of it. 

At the end of the day, you will get multiple coupons and vouchers that will lower your spending and save you a lot of money. 

7. DIY as much as possible


Instead of calling someone to repair the plumbing, do it yourself. This goes for everything else too not just plumbing. The redditor shared that they did minor repairs for their own car, my washing machine, laptop, clogged sink, pipe leaking on their own with the help of Youtube.

Youtube has a tutorial for literally everything. So, instead of spending money for someone else to do repairs around your home, spend nothing and just do it yourself.

8. Skip spending more to elevate your status

This is my favourite tip of all, and I couldn't agree more. Don't waste money trying to keep up with your rich friends, instead save any extra money you have and invest it. 

The redditor did mention that your friend who is bragging about their expensive car is probably struggling to make ends meet which is true. You should be smart enough to know what you can afford right now based on your finances. 

#KiamSiapLifestyle Minimize Your Expens Save save money Without Looking Chea reddit


Just another human, trying to survive.



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