WATCH: Popular TVB Actress Receives Durian Cake By Local Fan & Devours It In Car



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WATCH: Popular TVB Actress Receives Durian Cake By Local Fan & Devours It In Car

By JustineG

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh has made a return to Malaysia, causing a wave of excitement among her fans.

The renowned actress arrived earlier this week to commence filming for her latest TV project, "Modern Dynasty 2". As expected, a throng of enthusiastic fans gathered at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to catch a glimpse of their beloved star. 

Eager to express their admiration, fans swarmed around Charmaine, presenting her with bouquets of flowers and lucky fans even managed to snap a quick selfie with the actress.

Among the gifts bestowed upon Charmaine, one particular fan stood out by presenting her with a durian-shaped cake. Captivating Charmaine's interest, she wasted no time in savouring the unique dessert.

Taking to her Xiaohongshu page, Charmaine shared a video of herself cutting into the pastry and sampling the cake. Her delighted expression spoke volumes as she relished the flavours of the sweet treat. "It's fattening, but it's so yummy," the 48-year-old celebrity remarked.

The thoughtful fan who gifted the durian cake informed Charmaine that it was freshly baked at a popular bakery chain, using premium Musang King durians.

Expressing her gratitude, Charmaine commented, "It's baked with fresh Musang King! I hope to be served again next time." The fan's gesture not only delighted Charmaine but also showcased the love and appreciation that her fans hold for her.

Charmaine's visit to Malaysia has created a buzz among her supporters, and her interaction with fans through social media has further intensified their excitement. 


Hong Kong Actress Charmaine Sheh was surprised with the overwhelming love from Malaysia fans welcoming her with flowers , gifts and durian cake at KLIA Airport. She enjoyed durian cake gifted by the fan in the car on the way to the hotel. She is so happy. Thanks Malaysia fans

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As the filming for "Modern Dynasty 2" progresses, fans eagerly await the release of the TV series, hoping to see their favorite actress deliver yet another remarkable performance.

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