Malaysia Airlines Temporary Allows Passengers To Bring Their “Own Food On Flight”: It's Not What You Think!



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Malaysia Airlines Temporary Allows Passengers To Bring Their “Own Food On Flight”: It's Not What You Think!

By JustineG

One of the things passengers often look forward to when embarking on a flight is the in-flight meal experience. However, recent developments have brought a shift in this familiar aspect of air travel.

Malaysia Airlines has recently made headlines due to its decision to end a remarkable 26-year partnership with in-flight caterer Brahim's Food Services. This move has created a buzz within the aviation industry and among passengers, sparking curiosity about the reasons behind such a significant change.

In light of these changes, we are sure that you have read how MAS has introduced a temporary measure for passengers the option to bring their own food on board. As long as the food brought on board must adhere to stringent safety guidelines. This measure aims to ensure that passengers can continue to enjoy a meal while flying, despite the transition that the airline is currently undergoing.,q_auto/c_fill,g_auto,h_338,w_600/v1/mediacorp/cna/image/2023/08/14/image%20(97).png?itok=g2jChlls

It turns out that this information was false, as Malaysia Aviation Group has not issued any official statement regarding this new measure. The confusion stemmed from the FAQs on the airline's website, which were published on August 30th.

It appears that the FAQ was taken out of context, as it does not imply that the airline won't provide in-flight meals to its passengers. Rather, it highlights that the cost of meals onboard the flight is included in the ticket price, whether it's a one-way or return ticket.

An insider familiar with the airline's operations explained to NST, "This is a full-service carrier (FSC) and a national carrier. It's not a budget airline where most of them don't allow passengers to bring their own meals because they sell their own food and beverages onboard their flights."

Additionally, the airline has clarified that passengers with specific dietary or medical needs can bring their own meals onboard, as long as they comply with the LAGs restrictions at the departing airports for international flights.

This entire "Bring-Your-Own-Food" controversy has led to considerable confusion and frustration among the airline's passengers. Social media platforms have been flooded with numerous comments and posts from passengers who feel disappointed by the termination of the airline's 26-year partnership with in-flight caterer Brahim's Food Services Sdn Bhd.

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