WATCH: Mum Takes Son To Police Station For Refusing To Go To School



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WATCH: Mum Takes Son To Police Station For Refusing To Go To School

By storyteller24

As a last resort, a mother drove her son to a police station so that the men in blue could talk some sense into him when he refused to go to school. 

In a two-minute viral video, the boy, clad in a blue uniform, was seen sitting in the passenger seat with the window down. One could hear the boy's mother in the background telling a police officer that her son did not want to attend school, and she wanted him to deal with her son.

"Write down his name, sir. You can have him if he does not want to go to school. All he does is cry when he needs to go to school. He thinks I am joking (when I said I would bring him to the police station)," said the mother.

The officer, amused with the mother and son's antics, played along. The video posted by the police on their Facebook page, has gained about 62,000 views and counting.

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