"I Want A Brother Like Him," Brother Gets Emotional Watching Sister Get Married



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"I Want A Brother Like Him," Brother Gets Emotional Watching Sister Get Married

By MJC97

Muhammad Zul Iskandar, 21, couldn't hold back tears as he watched his sister, Siti Zulaiha, 23, take her vows on January 5th. In an emotional video captured by family members during the wedding ceremony, Is shared the poignant story behind his tears.

Recalling the moment, Is explained, "It was during the ceremony to solemnize my sister's marriage. Seeing my sister on the wedding stage, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with emotion. Especially when I noticed her shedding tears of joy up there."

Choosing to conceal his tears, Is sought refuge behind his uncle while shedding tears. "I hid behind my uncle while crying. He comforted me with a gentle pat on the back. The reason I hid was that I didn't want my sister to see me crying during her wedding," he revealed.

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Expressing concern for his sister's future as a wife, Is, who works as a mechanic in Kuantan, Pahang, said, "After our parents separated, my mother remarried. But I've always been close to my biological sister. The other three are our step-siblings. So many memories of growing up together that I can't forget. It saddens me to think that she'll be living with someone else now. We used to do everything together, but suddenly, I'll be alone. It's a difficult situation to accept, but I am resigned to Allah's decree."

Is shared that he had also previously shed tears during his sister's engagement ceremony. He uploaded the video on TikTok, never expecting it to gain widespread attention. "My sister only found out about me crying after others recounted the incident to her. She shed tears herself only after the wedding was successfully solemnized," he added.

With the video now garnering over 300,000 views and various reactions from netizens, Is has a message for his beloved sister and her new husband. "I shared the video on TikTok just to preserve the memory of my sister's wedding. I never expected it to go viral. I hope her husband can take good care of her. I pray that their relationship lasts a lifetime and remains filled with happiness," he concluded.

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