Local Muslim Influencer Faces Backlash as Netizens Mistake ISTAC - IIUM for a Church



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Local Muslim Influencer Faces Backlash as Netizens Mistake ISTAC - IIUM for a Church

By MJC97

Three days ago, social media influencer Ryzal Ibrahim shared his experience visiting ISTAC - IIUM (Institute of Islamic Thought and Malay World) located in Bukit Tunku.


He went there to perform Friday prayers at Masjid Zabedah, ISTAC - IIUM and had the opportunity to enter its main hall and share the unique design of the hall with his followers on Facebook.

Unfortunately, his sharing was received negatively by some of his followers, with some accusing him of being foolish for promoting a 'church'.


"This guy is an influencer who craves attention, thirsty for views. Find something better to talk about. Geez," commented one user. Ryzal also did not escape harsh words from other commenters.

However, those who left such comments actually did not watch the video to its end. In the video, Ryzal Ibrahim clearly shared that the hall is the Islamic studies centre at ISTAC IIUM, inspired by Andalusian architecture.

The Patriot Studio also shared yesterday in-depth information about the establishment date of ISTAC - IIUM and why the concept of Andalusian architecture was chosen. "This architectural style is chosen to commemorate and draw inspiration from the glory of the Islamic civilization in Spain in the past, hoping that we can replicate it in modern times," wrote The Patriot Studio.

In conclusion, the hall at ISTAC - IIUM in Bukit Tunku is not a church, and it's important to watch a video in its entirety before leaving any comments. ISTAC - IIUM is open from 9 am to 5 pm if you wish to visit this beautiful place. Masjid Zabedah is also open to the public for Friday prayers.

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