3 Important Lessons We Learnt from Netflix's "Darlings" On Dealing With Domestic Abuse



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3 Important Lessons We Learnt from Netflix's "Darlings" On Dealing With Domestic Abuse

By ellephant

First she served us Gangubai, and now Darlings. 

Alia Bhatt's latest just hit Netflix, and besides another phenomenal performance from the up and rising Bollywood star, we also learnt some pretty important lessons from the movie. 

A story about a wife who lives with an abusive husband and how she eventually sets herself free, here are the 3 lessons we gaged from 'Darlings'. 

Scroll below. 

#3 Abuse is a cycle which will NEVER end


If he says he is going to change, best believe that he isn't. Once a red flag, always a red flag. The only light at the end of the tunnel is getting out of it once and for all. 

#2 Desperate times call for desperate measures


As much as you wouldn't like to stoop so low, sometimes it is only in stooping can we get reprieve and make better decisions for ourselves. 

#1 True freedom is being the bigger person


Difficult as it may be, a sense of liberation can only exist by walking away. Getting even may sound good, but it usually doesn't hold up long-term. Move on. 

Some pretty important reminders, catch 'Darlings' now on Netflix. 

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