This Pet Cats Unusual Offering Has Its Owner Panicking For Help



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This Pet Cats Unusual Offering Has Its Owner Panicking For Help

By DN21

Cats are known to catch the most random finds as a way to express their token of love to their human companions. 

Often times, this surprising situation has resulted in chaos or rather hilarious consequences. 

But as for @syarafiinaa on TikTok, her encounter was more on the chaotic side to say the least. Forget dead insects or even snakes, it seems that her pet cat literally took it to the skies to catch its latest offering.

With one side of the birds wing in the cheeky cats jaw, a panicking Syara was in for an unusual treat.

Amused netizens couldn’t help but chime in on the situation, with many calling the cat’s behaviour as “next level”. Others, meanwhile, wondered how it was able to catch the bird in the first place.

Whats the craziest thing your pet has ever caught?

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