You Need to Pay to Use the Sun!



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You Need to Pay to Use the Sun!

By MJC97

The sun is a ball of fire at the center of galaxy that is the whole reason why we are able to live on earth.  

It radiates solar energy which makes it possible for life to exist on earth.

Plants need sunlight to grow. The sun provides them with food, and they provide us with oxygen to breathe and food for us to live.

Without the sun, there will be no us. We use the sun and its energy each and every second of our lives. So, imagine how much it would cost if you needed to pay for using the sun. 

A little while ago, a Spanish woman named Angeles Duran claimed ownership of the sun and stated that she wanted to charge people for using it.  

After reading about an American man who registered himself as the owner of the moon and some other planets in the solar system, Angeles Duran decided that she was going to own the sun. 

As there is only an international agreement stating that no country can own the sun but it says nothing about individuals, Angeles just had to go to her local notary office and register the sun in her name. 

Angeles even planned out what she was going to do after becoming the owner of our source of life. 

She wanted to charge us for using it and half of the money she got would have gone to the Spanish government and 20% to the nation's pension fund. The remainder would have been spilt into 3 different categories, 10% for research, 10% to put an end to global hunger and another 10% for herself. 

At least she didn’t plan to keep all that money for herself la. 

Of course her plan for charging us for using the sun didn't work out. The sun doesn't belong to anyone. It is a natural, renewable source of energy. 

If her plan had worked out, here are some of the things that we wont be able to do for free anymore:

+ Breating  

Oxygen is produced by plants through photo-synthesis. They use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen, which we need, to breathe. Since the sun plays a role in creating the air we breathe, we would have had to pay for this. 

+ Air Drying Laundry  

Say goodbye to hanging your clothes outside to dry for free. The heat energy produced from then sun is used to dry your damp clothes. 

+ Having the ability to see during the day  
Think about it, without the sun shining suring the day, there will be no light so we won't be able to see. So actually, we are using the light for the sun to see during the day. 

The light and heat that the sun produces literally makes it possible for life on earth. Without heat from the sun, there would be no winds, ocean currents,clouds to transport water, plants, animals or even human beings. 

As if living itself isn't hard enough, now we have to pay for it?


Since we live on this earth and use it's natural resources for free, let's be more careful and cautious about how we treat our planet. Start living more sustainanbly so that our future generation will have a healthier and safer planet. 

P.S. Just because you found out about this loophole, don't try to own earth and charge us all rent for living here ok!

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