The Bieber Fever Is Back! Justin Bieber Is Having A Concert in Malaysia After 11 Years!



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The Bieber Fever Is Back! Justin Bieber Is Having A Concert in Malaysia After 11 Years!

By MJC97

It has been 11 years since the wavy, blonde-haired teen sensation, Justin Bieber has been to Malaysia. Since then, he's grown up, got married and released a ton of new music that we Beliebers still love! And you'll love him more after hearing his latest announcement! 

Thanks to the reopening of international borders on the 1st of April, Justin Bieber just announced that he will be coming back to Malaysia for his Justice World Tour!  

After having to put a pause on his world tour for 2 years due to the pandemic, the managing director of PR Worldwide Sdn Bhd announced that Malaysian fans will get the chance to watch the Justice World Tour at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd of October 2022.  

So, if you tested positive for the Bieber Fever, make sure to mark the date on your calendar because according to Justin Bieber, you definitely do not want to miss this! They have been working hard to create the best show they've ever done and after the past 2 years, we deserve something amazing.  

Thank god we'll be getting our salary this Friday because tickets will go on sale on 31st March (Thursday) from 11am onwards on Go Live Asia with prices starting from RM288 to RM2,088. 

Were you at Justin Bieber 2011 concert in Malaysia? Share your experience in the comments section so that we can get hyped up for the 2022 concert! 

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