“Your Skin Is Ugly,” Local Aesthetic Bar In Bangsar Under Fire For Degrading Dark-Skinned Customer



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“Your Skin Is Ugly,” Local Aesthetic Bar In Bangsar Under Fire For Degrading Dark-Skinned Customer

By Ayunie

A recent incident involving a Twitter user, @Roshinee_M, has sparked outrage and brought attention to the treatment of customers in local aesthetic salons. Roshinee shared her distressing experience at a salon located in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, where she underwent an acne treatment that left her feeling humiliated and devastated. The incident has ignited a discussion about the importance of respectful and inclusive customer service. Despite the salon's response to the feedback, many netizens feel that it falls short of addressing the severity of the situation.

Roshinee's Experience:

Roshinee had high hopes when she entered the salon for her first-ever facial treatment. Little did she know that she would leave feeling deeply hurt and insecure about herself. From the very beginning, her aesthetician, identified as V, made inappropriate and demeaning remarks. V's insensitive comment about Roshinee's skin being "ugly" and stating that her skin was "black" were beyond unacceptable.

The impact of such hurtful statements cannot be overstated, especially for individuals already struggling with self-esteem issues related to their skin conditions. Instead of feeling supported and uplifted, Roshinee was subjected to remarks that shattered her confidence and left her in tears.

The Feedback Loop:

Following her terrible experience, Roshinee decided to voice her concerns by writing a feedback email to the salon. Unfortunately, her attempts to engage in a constructive dialogue were met with silence. Despite reaching out twice, she received no acknowledgement or response. Frustrated by the lack of accountability, she resorted to leaving a scathing Google review, sharing her detailed account and encouraging others to do the same.





The Salon's Response:

In response to Roshinee's feedback, the salon offered a reply that many netizens deemed passive-aggressive and gaslighting. The salon expressed appreciation for the feedback and emphasized their commitment to creating a positive environment. They defended the aesthetician's actions as enthusiasm and stated that their intentions were never to belittle or use inappropriate language.


However, the salon's response failed to address the gravity of the situation adequately. It is important to recognize that the impact of words and actions can be long-lasting, especially when they target an individual's appearance and self-esteem. By dismissing Roshinee's concerns as a mere miscommunication, the salon missed an opportunity to take responsibility and implement meaningful changes.

The Power of Social Media:

Roshinee's experience quickly gained traction on social media platforms, with many users sympathizing with her and sharing their own stories of similar mistreatment. In solidarity, they flooded the salon's Google page with negative reviews, causing their rating to plummet to an alarming 1.2 stars. This collective response highlights the potential consequences faced by businesses that fail to address customer concerns promptly and sincerely.


Roshinee's distressing experience at a local aesthetic salon has shed light on the importance of providing respectful and inclusive customer service. Salons and other service-oriented businesses must recognize the significant impact their words and actions can have on their customers' well-being. Prompt acknowledgment and genuine efforts to address customer feedback are essential in fostering trust and maintaining a positive reputation.

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