SHOCKING: M'sian Woman Shocked To Find Out That Her BF Kisses His Sister On The Lips & Hugs His Mom From The Back



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SHOCKING: M'sian Woman Shocked To Find Out That Her BF Kisses His Sister On The Lips & Hugs His Mom From The Back

By JustineG

A Malaysian woman recently shared her story on "DcardMY," revealing her shock at the close relationship between her boyfriend and his mother and sister, which went beyond what she could accept. The original poster (OP) disclosed that she had been dating her boyfriend for two months. He hails from a single-parent household, comprising only his mother, sister, and himself. His sense of responsibility towards his family, along with his gentle and filial qualities, initially attracted the OP. She found him handsome and reliable, especially when he expressed how he was the pillar of support for his family, stating, "My family relies on me," a sentiment that she found admirable.  

However, when the OP visited her boyfriend's family and witnessed their close interactions, such as embracing his mother from behind and kissing his sister on the lips, she was taken aback. She admitted feeling uncomfortable, not anticipating such intimate physical contact. Witnessing his sister rushing towards him for a kiss, especially on the lips, left her feeling uneasy and unable to comprehend the situation. She expressed her confusion and discomfort, particularly as they also showered together, a practice she found unacceptable.

Despite expressing her concerns to her boyfriend about their behaviour resembling that of a couple, he dismissed her worries, considering their interactions to be normal familial affection. He reiterated that they were just family, further perplexing the OP. This revelation sparked discussions among netizens, with many expressing disbelief and commenting on the unconventional nature of the situation. While acknowledging that every family has its unique dynamics, some found this scenario too bizarre and dramatic to comprehend, questioning who could truly accept it.

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