Malaysians‘ Creepiest Real Life Ghost Stories That‘ll Give You The Chills



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Malaysians‘ Creepiest Real Life Ghost Stories That‘ll Give You The Chills

By Ayunie

Whether you believe in it or not, ghost sightings and paranormal activities are quite prevalent in our culture. We‘ve compiled a few real-life ghost stories told by real Malaysians that might send chills down your spine. 

1. The Ghost Of Janet

This tale hails from the land of hornbill where a lady named Janet was rumored to be ruthlessly murdered by decapitation in the 60's, said to have been forced to be part of the human sacrificial ritual performed to complete the construction of the Satok Bridge.

Janet's decapitated corpse was found at the Kuching Government's Hospital where she worked. Forlorn by her tragic death, her parents buried her in a red dress, which according to Chinese legends, would prompt her soul to return as a vengeful spirit. Thus, the terror began. 

Her spirit would appear at night, terrorizing those who crossed her path. Many told stories of her ghost hitching a ferry ride late at night and when she reached her destination, she'd mysteriously vanished and the money she used as payment would either turn into leaves or Chinese hell notes. 

To this day, no ferries in Sarawak will operate past 10 PM, in fear of Janet's spirit. 

2. Crouching Old Lady

Chung Ling High School in Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, established in 1986, was built on the grounds of a former Japanese execution site and although not as old as its counterpart (Chung Ling High School, Georgetown), still it houses a few eerie ghost stories of its own. One former student told a story about the creepy crouching lady said to haunt its grounds still to this day. 

She was walking to the school toilet located at the end of the stairs of the school block when she realized the door was locked. Thinking that there was someone inside, she knocked on the door asking, "Is somebody in there?" to which she heard a faint voice, answering her inquiry. So, she waited.

She began to grow impatient when there was no sign of the person coming out, even after a long while. When she attempted to open the door again, to her surprise, it was unlocked. She went inside and looked around the find the source of the voice she had heard when something stopped her in her tracks.

Crouching on top of the cubicle, was a ghastly looking old woman, staring back at her. To this day, all the toilets in the school blocks are closed for use except for the main one located on the ground floor. 

3. Roaming Dark Figure In The Living Room

This story is told by a teacher who currently teaches at a primary school somewhere in Sarawak. Located deep in the rural areas and thick forest, stories of the supernatural tend to roam free among the villagers. 

One popular story tells a tale of celestial spirits that live among the locals, but remain unseen. This story involves a religious teacher who had recently been transferred to one of the local schools. One of the teachers, who happen to have the ability to see supernatural beings, noticed something odd about the teacher. They both stayed together in one of the teacher's quarters. 

Whenever it was dawn, he'd notice a gnarly-looking black figure pacing outside the religious teacher's room, seemingly unable to enter. Soon, it was revealed that someone had ill-intentions for the religious teacher, and had performed some sort of black magic, intending to mess with him. But the dark entity was never able to go near him, as he was a devoted man of faith.  The dark entity eventually ceased and left. 

4. Somewhere In Pakan  

These stories are collected from multiple sources who teach in the same rural area somewhere in Pakan, Sarawak. According to them, almost every teacher's quarter in that school has been tainted with death (people dying unexpectedly, falling fatally ill for no apparent reason, etc) and for those who have no choice but to occupy those quarters... well let's just say paranormal experiences have become their daily encounters.

Some would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a child's laughter and find little children on their bed. Others would hear footsteps pacing around as if someone was in the other room (they live alone) and perhaps the scariest encounter of all; is when they'd find a long-haired woman dressed in white just staring at them at the corner of their bed...

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