"Padan Muka!!" Local Man Spits In His Wife's Drink Whenever They Have A Fight, Leaving Her Traumatized



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"Padan Muka!!" Local Man Spits In His Wife's Drink Whenever They Have A Fight, Leaving Her Traumatized

By JustineG

A woman recounts her disturbing experience upon uncovering that her husband spits in her drink after their arguments. Sharing her story, she seeks opinions and navigates through mixed emotions, shedding light on the disconcerting situation that prompts her to question the sincerity behind seemingly thoughtful gestures.

After a year of marriage marked by occasional arguments, the woman noticed a concerning habit of her husband. Post-disagreements, he would prepare a warm beverage for both of them. However, a recent discovery uncovered that he had been spitting into her drink intentionally, asserting it was a form of retribution. 

This revelation has left the woman feeling deeply disturbed and uncertain about the extent of her husband's actions. The woman expresses her difficulty in processing the revelation, highlighting the conflicting emotions she's experiencing.  Despite the seemingly trivial nature of spitting, the intentional act has left her feeling nauseated and questioning the boundaries of her relationship. 

Confronted with this unexpected behaviour, her husband remains silent, further adding to her confusion. Reflecting on instances of digestive issues, particularly after arguments, the woman wonders if there is a connection between her husband's actions and her health problems. 

The discovery raises concerns about the impact on her well-being and underscores the gravity of the situation. Feeling overwhelmed by the implications of her husband's actions, the woman confesses to overthinking every gesture and action in their relationship. 

Even seemingly kind acts, such as meals cooked after arguments, are now met with suspicion. Attempting to discuss the matter with her husband proved futile, as he chose to remain silent. Uncertain about delving deeper into the issue, the woman seeks opinions and advice from others who may offer insights into navigating this challenging situation.

Online users cautioned her to be vigilant and suggested distancing herself from him, even considering seeking counselling. Concerned for her safety, they expressed fears that his actions might escalate from spitting to potentially harmful actions like poisoning or resorting to black magic. 

"As his wife, it's unacceptable for him to treat you this way and seek revenge."

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