Japanese AV Actor Ken Shimizu Teaches You How To Use A Condom



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Japanese AV Actor Ken Shimizu Teaches You How To Use A Condom

By xweienx

Sex education might've taught us to remember to wear a condom, but they've never taught us how to wear a condom. "Trial and error" or your friends' advice might not be the right way to go. One wrong move and you'll be celebrating Father's Day in a year. Here, we have famed adult movie actor Ken Shimizu to present a step-by-step guide on how to properly use a condom!

#1 Pull down the foreskin.

Shimizu explains that 60-70% of Japanese men have phimosis, meaning they are unable to pull down their foreskin after getting an erection. Therefore, it is important to pull down the foreskin before anything begins. This is also a personal hygiene concern.


#2 Wear it after you are fully erect.

Don't try to jump the gun before loading it properly. You should be fully erected before putting on a condom to reduce the chances of it slipping off.


#3 Choose the right size.

When it comes to choosing condoms, the wrong choice might mean life (literally) or death. Don't get a huge holster for a smaller gun. The right size ensures its effectiveness.


#4 Timing is everything.

When you're both warmed up, when you've done enough foreplay (very important), that's when you want to put it on.


#5 Determine which side you're on.

Shimizu suggests feeling the condom like how you would feel Mahjong tiles. If your thumb slips in easily, then that side would be facing the guy; otherwise, if it doesn't feel as smooth, flip it over before putting it on.


#6 Hold the tip to keep air out.

Pinching the tip with two fingers is a step that most people miss. If air gets trapped in this section, it increases the chance of it breaking due to friction during intercourse.


#7 Over the head...

Continuing from the previous step, with one hand pinching the tip, put the condom over the glans.


#8 ...and slide it down.

To put it on the fastest, Shimizu suggests to secure the condom on top with one hand, and use the other to roll it down.


#9 Make sure she's ready.

One more crucial thing Shimizu mentions is that before using, the girl should be sufficiently lubricated, either by herself or by using additional lubricants. This is to reduce friction on the condom which will reduce its chances of tearing.


Hopefully you've learned a few pointers for your next adventure. If you want a video demonstration by Shimizu himself, you can check it out below. (Do take note that the video is in Japanese and translated to Chinese)

*Cover images from Pexels (Left) & HK01 (Right)

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