Ariana Grande new MV “34+35” | Why 34+35? Here’s the hidden meaning



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Ariana Grande new MV “34+35” | Why 34+35? Here’s the hidden meaning


The Queen of Pop - Ariana Grande has dropped her surprise 6th album on Oct 30, 2020, named "Positions." The album came after the revelations of the music video of her title song. If you haven't seen it, here's the MV.

Following the trend, Ariana surprises her fans with another new MV for a new song from her latest album - "34+35."  Some fans are puzzled over this unconventional song title, and got even more confused as Ariana barely addresses the math equation. So what does it really means?

Now, we all know that Ariana has been very outspoken when it comes to voicing out sex in her music. With the title song "Positions," you can already quite get the gist of what "34+35" could mean.  

But if you search online for what  "34+35“ actually means, all you will find is a directory of picking the best-fitted dress shirt for men guide. In fact, to really understand the meaning behind this, you have to do the math. And it is not that hard like Da Vinci code or some secret code.

It is just a simple math : 34 + 35 = 69. 

Yes, you've heard it right, the song title is referring to the famous sexual position. And id you pay close attention to the song lyrics, it is literally about sex. 

Chorus : 

Can you stay up all night?

Fuck me 'til the daylight

Thirty-four, thirty-five  

Right before the song ends, the song's outro actually addresses the meaning : 

Outro :
Means I wanna sixty-nine with ya (no shit)

(Math class, never was good)

So here you go, the hidden, sexy, meaning behind Ariana's new MV.  

Tell us how you find this title. Too much? or Good job?

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