BREAKING: Research Shows Covid-19 Reduces Sperm Count!



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BREAKING: Research Shows Covid-19 Reduces Sperm Count!

By xweienx

Covid-19 is very much feared by people all around the world, that is why news about vaccine research are always in focus, but perhaps now men have more to fear than they thought. A while ago, a news article suggested that Covid-19 might damage a man's testicles and caused a commotion among male patients. So far, experiments done by scientific researchers seem to support the claim!  

#Damage to the testis.

According to Medscape, getting infected with Covid-19 might be hurtful to a man's fertility. Truth be told, many viruses have always been an enemy to the sperm, from HIV to the hepatitis virus, a patient's sperm count and quality will always be affected.  

#Surprising results!

Another group of researchers from the University of Miami have already started experiments on the relationship between Covid-19 and the human sperm long ago. They took testis samples from 6 men that died to the coronavirus and 3 other men that died of other causes. The results? 3 men from the coronavirus group had damaged testes and poor sperm.  

#Panicked comments.

The previously mentioned researches from the University of Miami concluded that there is a high possibility that Covid-19 can actually affect the male genitals and fertility. This could also be a side effect from the medication and treatment for the virus. Although there might not be conclusive evidence that Covid-19 or it's vaccine will damage the testes, netizens have enough reasons to panic. "The risk of damaging my sperm is too scary", as one commented.

If there really are adverse effects from the vaccine or the virus itself, we do hope it is only temporary.

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