Body Language 101: Signs That Someone Doesn‘t Really Like You, But Act Like They Do



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Body Language 101: Signs That Someone Doesn‘t Really Like You, But Act Like They Do


Most people wouldn‘t openly admit their dislikes about another person. However, their body language may be saying otherwise. Some are quite skilled at hiding their true feelings, that you can’t even tell that they‘ve hated your guts all this time. So, how do you detect the signs and protect yourself from insincere individuals? 

1. They Are Constantly Looking At The Time  

The non-verbal gesture of constantly checking the time indicates apparent anxiety— or in other words, when the person speaking to you does this, it means they are not-so-discreetly wishing for the conversation to be over. They may not show it in their face, though. 

2. Not Much Eye-Contact Is Involved  

When a person couldn't be bothered to maintain eye contact with you during a conversation, their nonchalant behavior is indeed a sign of disinterest. It's typically a chore to look at someone you dislike right in the eyes, hence, the lack of it. They might compensate it by excessively laughing at what you're saying, just so they could cut the conversation short and move on. 

3. They Avoid Getting Close To You

When someone doesn't like you, they become very guarded with their personal space. Physical closeness is reserved for people you like, not those you dislike. They may greet you with a big smile on their face whenever they see you, but their body language might not agree. 

4. They're Always Crossing Their Arms  

It is an unconscious defensive gesture used by someone when they're dealing with an "unwelcomed" presence. When someone isn't interested, they'd usually give it away with their body— crossing their arms is one of those signs. 

5. Their Torso Isn't Facing You  

Their eyes may be focused on you, and their arms appear relaxed, but if their torso and feet are facing away from you, that's a visible sign that they don't particularly enjoy your presence.  

Dealing with two-faced individuals can be dreadful, which is why you need to watch out for these signs. If you've enjoyed this content, check out Body Language 101: How To Tell If Someone Really, Really Likes you.

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