RM11,000 For Dishwasher Job In Singapore?! Okay, I'm Packing My Bags Immediately!



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RM11,000 For Dishwasher Job In Singapore?! Okay, I'm Packing My Bags Immediately!

By MJC97

Is RM11,000 a month enough for you to quit your job and wash dishes in Singapore? Yes, this is my last article before I pack my bags and accept that offer! (Just kidding! Don't fire me!)


A Japanese restaurant on Singapore's Orchard Road was in dire need of a dishwasher, so it advertised the position with a pay of SD$3,500 (RM11,234).

Chen Weixin, co-owner of Ishinomaki Grill & Sake, told Shin Min Daily News that she had to roll up her sleeves and wash the dishes herself owing to a lack of individuals wanting to do the task.


She also informed the Singapore Chinese newspaper that none of her employees wanted to do the extra work, even if it meant an extra SG$50 (RM160) a day. She explained to Shin Min that maybe people perceive dishwashing as a very lowly position and are unwilling to take on the job even if it means they can earn a little extra. 


For a month, no Singaporeans were interested in accepting the offer.

Sadly for me, the job is now taken by another Malaysian. Chen then said that she was only able to get a Malaysian worker for the job after the restaurant offered SD$3,500 (RM11,234) per month. Chen added that the restaurant used to rely on foreign labour, but that because of the Covid-19 outbreak, many of them had returned home.


What do you think about the outrageously high salary for the dishwasher position? Would you take the job for that amount of money? Share your thoughts in the comments section! 

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