8 Facts You Might Not Know About Ridzman Zidaine, The First Malay Model To Walk For Paris Fashion Week!



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8 Facts You Might Not Know About Ridzman Zidaine, The First Malay Model To Walk For Paris Fashion Week!


Ridzman Zidaine, a celebrated young Malaysian model who just walked for Paris Fashion Week, specifically Men's Fashion Week 2023 Spring/Summer instalment, is a name that we're sure you've at least heard of by now.


Want to know more about him, our newest Malaysian pride? Check these facts out: 

1. He was named after a French football legend


In an interview with Men's Folio Malaysia, Ridzman revealed that after his father introduced him to football, his love for the game grew. It's worth noting that his father was the person responsible for naming him after Zinedine Zidane, a former football player and now one of the most successful coaches in the game. 

2. He stands tall at 188cm


Towering over 6 feet, the 22 year old model is freakishly tall! In addition to his uniquely good looks, Ridzman Zidaine is also blessed with long legs. #GeneticLottery!

3. His childhood ambition wasn't all that glamorous


He once mentioned that he aimed to be a policeman when he was younger, but of course, that was very short-lived. 

4. He is signed under Next Models Management & TopBoi Citizen


Given that he is represented by one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in the world-- New World Management and Top Boi Citizen; one of the leading modelling agencies in Malaysia, the future is tremendously bright for this exceptional young model.

5. He has worked with Hermès, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and many more!


Ridzman Zidaine's portfolio is no doubt a subject of envy to any aspiring models out there!

6. He made his first modeling debut at 2019 KLFW


He made his first official foray into modelling, right before the pandemic, by participating in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week in 2019.

7. He was the winner of the 2021 #MFMYModelSearch, a local modelling contest


For the fourth edition of the #MFMYModelSearch, Ridzman Zidaine claimed victory against the other worthy contestants and the rest is history. 

8. Favourite quote from him?


"Everyone has flaws and to be able to acknowledge them while having the courage to improve so we can become better at what we do are good qualities to have." 

- source: Men's Folio Malaysia

So refreshing to see our local talents get the recognition they so rightfully deserve on such a prestigious stage! Let's hope other young talents are inspired by Ridzman Zidaine's success and strive to emulate his legacy. 

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