5 Absurd And Ridiculous Myths About Vaginas You Need To Stop Believing, Seriously



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5 Absurd And Ridiculous Myths About Vaginas You Need To Stop Believing, Seriously

By Ayunie

In the light of the recent vagina fiasco following a certain feminine hygiene brand's latest campaign (kudos to their marketing team because at least now everyone is talking about it), let's revisit some ridiculous myths surrounding vaginas that should have been tossed into the imaginary fire a long time ago. 


Do you still believe in these myths? Here's why you shouldn't:

MYTH 1: Healthy Vaginas Don't Smell


Given that all vaginas are naturally equipped with an army of healthy bacterias entrusted with the task of keeping your vaginal PH healthy and balanced, they do tend to fashion a natural odor. The only time a vagina can smell "bad" is when you notice a change in smell. If it doesn't smell like it usually does, that's when you should consult a doctor. 

MYTH 2: Vaginas Can Get Loose After Frequent Sex


I think we're giving vaginas way too little credit and penises a little too much of it when we (falsely) accept the idea that vaginas can get loose by constant penile penetration. Vaginas are quite the elastic organ— they get relaxed when aroused, and would get back to their original shape once the deed is done. Vaginas do get loose as a person ages, but never because of a male penis. 

MYTH 3: Vaginal Discharge Signals Something Is Wrong Down There


• Having vaginal discharge is normal, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Vaginas are a self-cleaning agent and the presence of discharge is an indication of their hard work. If you notice there's a concerning change in their smell or color, however, it's best to consult a doctor. Naturally, they should be milky white or clear in color.

MYTH 4: If You Don't Bleed After You've Had Sex The First Time, You're Not A Virgin


• No, your cherry won't always "pop" the first time around, and not bleeding is perfectly normal. Hymens can bleed due to multiple reasons— and vaginal penetration isn't necessarily one of them. Vigorous sports, dancing, tampons, etc can easily be the cause of the tear. 

MYTH 5: Using Special Soaps Is Good For Your Vagina


Ah, misleading marketing strikes again, and more often than not, ones aimed at women's insecurities always seem to do well, don't they? As mentioned previously, vaginas are self-cleaning agents. Introducing foreign products will most likely disrupt the PH levels in your vaginas and will in turn make things worse. So, stick with the regular water and soap. 


With these myths now debunked, let's stop shaming ourselves for the natural ways that our vaginas behave. If a non-vagina owner tries to tell you otherwise, feel free to shove these facts down their throats—respectfully. 

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