E-Hailing Driver Charged Passenger Extra RM5 For Bringing Goods In Car



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E-Hailing Driver Charged Passenger Extra RM5 For Bringing Goods In Car

By JustineG

When you book an e-hailing service, the cost of the ride is always known in advance, and if you confirm the booking, the payment is held until the trip is completed.

Nevertheless, in this instance, the passenger identified as @_zynbl revealed on TikTok how she had to pay an extra RM5 in addition to the RM6 car ride fee since she was carrying numerous grocery bags.

@_zynbl Spe yg bwk grab tu tlg explain jap mmg rule grab mcm ni eh? Kalau bwk brg2 yg kite bwk ada cas penambahan lagi? New rules grab 2023 ke ni? #fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg original sound - BELL

When the driver was confronted about why the passenger must pay extra, she responds that this is how things have always been done and that everything other than the passenger must be charged extra.

However, the passenger states that she has never once asked the driver to help her with the bags.

According to the posting, the driver claims that she's been doing this e-hailing service for more than five years and have informed passengers that if they were to be carrying goods, they would impose an extra fee.

Nevertheless, the passenger also informed the driver that despite using the service frequently and for a long time, no driver had ever asked her to pay more for the privilege of carrying things with her.

The driver continued to shrug and say that that is on them and had nothing to do with her as this is her way and she was just following the rules. (What rules, though since there aren't any?)

She continued to tell the passenger that she can choose not to pay the fee. But, if she does receive any ride request from the passenger in the near future, she would cancel it instead.

@_zynbl Replying to @GrabMY done explain semoga dgn penjelasan ni korang boleh faham sbb kekok nak ckp semenanjung tu yg gagap sikit #fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypsarawak #paritrajabatupahatjohor #anakrantau original sound - BELL

In a different video, the passenger shared the story of how this situation actually happened to her sister. The ride took less than 3 minutes as the house from the supermarket was pretty nearby but because of the amount of bags she had in hand, she considered booking a Grab car instead. 

Eventually, this happened. 

The TikTok video has received various reactions from netizens who oppose the actions of the Grab driver. Not only that, Grab Malaysia has even reached out to the passenger asking if they had made an official report on the app so they could help rectify the situation as the driver was in the wrong here. 

Well, hopefully, other drivers don't get any ideas and take advantage of their passengers.

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