WATCH: Content Creator Showcases A+ Ketupat Weaving Skills



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WATCH: Content Creator Showcases A+ Ketupat Weaving Skills

By DN21

What's Hari Raya without ketupat, right? Being one of the festivity's staples, no household is complete without this delicacy. 

When it comes to preparing it, most people like our elders would often resort to the traditional route aka weaving. After all, the celebration is all about pouring your love and soul into the preparation.

However, if you think weaving a basic ketupat for Hari Raya is already too much to bear, think again.

For @syahirnordin_, he clearly took the T in TALENTED by going beyond with a cow-shaped ketupat instead. Honestly, we're out of breath from watching the wholesome TikTok video, but he made it looked easy peasy.

Syahir's pro skills in creating the intricate shape has netizens in awe, with many lauding how adorable it turned out.

All in all, guess this puts ours to shame! But hey, it's the intention that matters right? 

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