Honest Vendor Sells "Oxygen" Curry Puffs for 30 Sen - Yes, They're Empty!



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Honest Vendor Sells "Oxygen" Curry Puffs for 30 Sen - Yes, They're Empty!

By MJC97

Often, we hear complaints from the public about curry puffs that lack filling, but one vendor in Kampung Sungai Tua Bahru, Batu Caves, Selangor, has captured the public's attention by selling "oxygen" curry puffs, meaning they contain no filling, at a remarkably low price of RM0.30 each.

In a viral video shared on TikTok by user @abucarimakan, the vendor explained that the idea came to him when he had leftover pastry shells while doing business, and his child did not enjoy eating the filling. "After that, I decided to give it a try. Alhamdulillah (thank God), they sold out quickly. There is indeed a demand, to the extent that some people have even asked for 'frozen' versions," he shared.

@abucarimakan Tak sangka ada orang jual Karipap Oksigen Memang ada sambutan Karipap Oksigen ni sesuai la utk budak-budak @ orang tua yg tak suka makan inti boleh cuba memang penuh oksigen dia bagi @hanibonbon bunyi asal - abucarimakan

In the video, the vendor was also seen adding a touch of sugar to prevent the pastry from tasting bland before folding and serving the "oxygen" curry puffs.

As of now, the video has garnered 861,200 views, 41k likes, and 6,160 shares on TikTok.

A survey of the comments section on Kosmo! revealed that many find the vendor's honesty and unique offering commendable. "This brings joy to people like me who eat curry puffs and discard the filling," commented one user.

"Empty oxygen curry puffs with a bit of sugar to avoid blandness. It's a legitimate blessing," added Zaidi.

"This is the epitome of turning weaknesses into strengths. Truly a business-minded individual," praised another user.

This honest and innovative approach to selling curry puffs has clearly struck a chord with customers, showcasing that in the world of business, creativity and integrity can make for a winning combination.

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